Optical parametric oscillator LP604

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  • High efficiency
  • Low divergence OPO version
  • UV SHG option
  • Wide tuning range 340…2500nm
  • Compatibility with MM pump lasers
  • PC control
  • Compact footprint
  • Wavelengthmeter option

LP 604 optical parametric oscillator produced by SOLAR LS combines high output energy and a widest tuning range with exceptionally easy maintenance and increased reliability.

The LP604 OPO is developed taking into account the requirements of the End Users and so it combines high output energy and a widest tuning range with exceptionally easy maintenance and increased reliability.

A highest LP604 operating reliability is ensured thanks to the original optical scheme.The specified parameters are obtained at very low pump intensities (80 MW/cm2 at 532nm). As a result of such a low radiation load, the term of faultless and reliable operation of the crystals and other optical components is almost unlimited. This feature in combination with precision optics holders and dust-proof design ensure increased long-term stability of output radiation parameters.

One more peculiarity of the LP604 optical design is high efficiency pump radiation conversion even when pumped by conventional multi-mode Nd:YAG lasers (up to 40%!). You will not have to buy or use complex TEM00 or SLM pump lasers which will considerably reduce the operational and maintenance expenses.

The LP604 model provides tuning range from 680 nm to 2500 nm.

As the LP604 generates quite narrow-width radiation, it can be supplemented with the LG350 second harmonic generator allowing to obtain tunable UV radiation within the range from 340 nm to 680 nm.

Separately should be noted super compactness of the LP604 OPO. Its small footprint not only saves space on your optical table but also allows to easily integrate the device into any laser or measurement system.

Model LP604
Non-linear crystal ÂÂÎ, type II
PRR, Hz Single pulses - 100
Tuning range, nm signal wave 680…1064
idler wave 1064…2500
second harmonic1) 340…680
Polarisation signal wave horizontal
idler wave vertical
Output linewidth2), cm-1 6…8
Conversion efficiency3), % 40
Pulse energy in the tuning curve maximum, mJ4) signal wave 120
idler wave 90
second harmonic 30

1) With the LG350 external harmonic generator.

2) Depends on the output wavelength.

3) Total efficiency in the tuning curve maximum.

4) This is a referential parameter.

Pump laser requirements*

Laser type Nd:YAG
Wavelength, nm 532
Max pump energy, mJ 500
Operating pump intensity, MW/cm2 80
Pulse duration, ns 4-12
Beam quality multimode, without hot spots
Divergence, mrad <1,5

* We recommend to use the LQ series Nd:YAG lasers produced by SOLAR LS.

** The specifications is subject to change without notice.

If some parameters of the offered models do not suit for your applications, please, pay attention that in addition to the standard OPO models we also supply customised laser systems adapted specially to meet your individual requirements.

Harmonic Generators

To expand the tuning range in the UV the LP604 OPO can be supplemented with the LG350 external second harmonic generator.

When the LG350 is used together with the LP604 OPO, the wavelength can be tuned in the UV and visible spectral range from 340 nm to 680 nm.

Second harmonic generator for the OPO

PC control

To integrate the OPO in to automated systems we have foreseen the possibility of installation of PC-controlled stepping motors. Such an option presupposes supply of the OPO laser together with the controller and appropriate software.

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