• OEM Monochromators for Analytical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Modular OEM-Spectrograph Model S202

SOLAR LS, an expert in the sphere of laser and spectral equipment, has been working in the world photonics market for over 20 years.

Among others, our company carries out development of unique optical schemes and full-scale production of OEM monochromators-spectrographs upon orders of analytical equipment manufacturers.

Our capabilities:

  • Developing original optical schemes customised for your requirements, as well as adapting design, dimensions and form for your specific tasks at the stage of development.
  • Effective technical and service support.
  • Certified development and production quality management system.
  • CE product compatibility.
  • Dedicated software.

Double Monochromator

  • customised OEM-design
  • minimum optical elements
  • extremely low stray light
  • complete automatization
  • recommended for UVapplications.

Automated Wide-Range Monochromator

  • customised OEM-design
  • four-grating turret
  • low stray light
  • complete automatisation.

The modular S202 OEM-spectrograph is an attractive alternative to a scanning monochromator for atomic emission spectroscopy with spark, arc, laser and inductively coupled plasma excitation.

Our patented double-dispersive optical scheme provides high spectral resolution within a compact design, as well as high aperture and low stray light.

Rigid housing having no moving parts ensures high mechanical and thermal stability. The most popular 1200 lines/mm diffraction grating provides the multichannel array bandpass of 40nm with average dispersion 1.5nm/mm.


  • High spectral resolution in a compact design
  • No moving elements
  • Rigidness and thermal stability
  • Modular design
  • Low stray light
Optical schemedouble dispersive
Focal length, mm404
Aperture ratio F#1 : 5.9
Flat field, mm30 x 5
Entrance slitfixed 20μm
Diffraction grating50x50x10mm, one of the listed below
reciprocal linear dispersion, nm/mm0.731.01.5
multichannel array bandpass1), nm202740
Average resolution, pm233250

1) For 29mm long linear image sensor.

The layout of stacked S202 spectrometers. A version with horizontal arrangement is available

The 304nm -332nm spectrum of low-alloy steel acquired with the S202 as a part of the spark optical emission spectrometer

The S202 optical schematic The S202 optical schematic

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