High-Resolution Wide-Range Wavelength Meter Model SHR

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Spectra


  • High accuracy and wide spectral range
  • Capabilities of spectrum analysis
  • Can be used for pulsed and CW lasers
  • Compact design; no movable components
  • Optical fiber input coupled with an attenuator
  • Sophisticated user-friendly software

The SHR is an ideal low-cost high-precision spectrometer for measuring laser wavelength in a large field of laser applications, as well as in the process of alignment and testing of solid-state lasers, diode lasers, dye lasers and OPOs.

The SHR optical scheme is based on an Echelle diffraction grating operating in high spectrum orders and a linear image sensor used as a detector. The SHR does not contain any moving elements; powering and control are performed from a computer via the Full-Speed USB interface. The SHR can be triggered from your laser source via standard TTL-level signals.

Laser beam is steered to the SHR entrance slit either via a multimode optical fiber fitted with a diffuse attenuator (both are included in the delivery set) or directly, without any fibers.

Diffuse attenuator FA-3. Contains two diffuse quartz glasses and SMA-905 connector. Axial adjustment of the fiber end relative to diffusive elements

The SHR allows quick and easy measuring of absolute wavelength value of both CW and pulsed lasers with outstanding precision of 3 pm within a widest spectral range of 190-1100 nm, as well as detecting FWHM of the analysed line.

Apart from wavelength measuring the SHR provides demonstration of analysed spectra with resolution of 30000 (λ/Δλ<FWHM) which constitutes from 6pm for the UV spectrum range to 40pm for the NIR. The SHR also ensures on-line monitoring of the above values and spectra in the process of tuning the analysed wavelength.

In respect of wavelength resolution and accuracy the SHR is an alternative to a long-focus monochromator (focal length of more than 1000mm), equipped with an appropriate CCD. But unlike the monochromator, the SHR has no moving parts and provides real-time measurements without scanning of diffraction grating. The SHR is rigid, stable and accurate, ensures absolute reliability and has more reasonable price.

The SHR wavelength meter is not directly intended for analysis of plasma emission and other populated spectra (refer to the SPECIFICATIONS, line Source linewidth requirement). However, the SHR can be applied in analysis of narrow spectral intervals within the spectral width of the Echelle order from 0.5 nm in the UV spectrum range (190 nm) to 18nm in the IR (1200 nm), preliminarily separated with a filter or a monochromator. The High-Aperture Short-Focus monochromator ML44 can be used for this purpose.

Option Value
Operation modes CW and pulsed (externally triggered)
Spectral range, nm 190 - 1100
Absolute accuracy, pm ± 3
Spectral resolution (instrument function, λ/ΔλFWHM) 30 000 (from 6pm at 193nm to 40pm at 1200nm, refer to Fig.1)
Source linewidth requirement, cm-1 ≤125 (from 0.5nm at 193nm to 18nm at 1200nm, refer to Fig.2)
Sensitivity less than 0.5 µW at 632.8nm for min exposure time of 7ms
Optical interface -optical fiber 400m dia, 1000mm length, connector SMA-905
-diffuse attenuator FA-3 equipped with SMA-905
Requirements to external trigger pulse (for pulsed lasers)
- polarity Positive
- amplitude, V 3-15
- pulse duration FWHM, s 5-20
- rise time, s ~10
- connector BNC-58
Computer interface Full Speed USB
Software WLMeter
Dimensions, mm 165 * 215 * 90
Weight, kg 2.6

Below you can carry out the estimated values calculation for spectral resolution and source linewidth requirement depending on wavelength of the analyzed light.

*Absolute wavelength determination accuracy remains constant 3pm for the whole spectral range

Wavelength of the analyzed light

Spectral resolution

Spectral line width, not more than

Absolute accuracy

Below you can see graphs showing how spectral resolution and maximum analyzed spectral line width depend on the wavelength of analyzed radiation for SHR.

977        978         979          980            981      λ, nm

OPO spectrum λs=979.169nm, FWHM=0.605nm.
Each small peak can be measured separately

654.5           655           655.5              656        λ, nm

Diode laser λcenter=655.25nm, FWHM<0.022nm.
Distance between single modes is 170pm

1063        1063.5       1064       1064.5       1065      λ, nm

Nd:YAG laser, free running mode, λ = 1064.159 nm, FWHM<0.04nm

1063.7    1063.9    1064.1    1064.3    1064.5 λ, nm

Nd:YAG laser, Q-switched mode, λ = 1064.161 nm, FWHM=0.077nm