25 August 2015

NEW MODEL - S200- MF Imaging Spectrometer

  • Ideal astigmatism compensation across the entire focal plane;
  • Synchronous spectra imaging from two up to dozens optical fibers;
  • Integrated CCD-array and custom software for multi- channel optical spectroscopy;
  • Embedded mechanical shutter synchronized with the detector for processing continuous signals;
  • Perfect system for hyperspectral imaging.

S200-MF is a new-generation spectrometer with high spectral and spatial resolution across the entire area of commercially available 2D (array) image sensors. Innovative optical bench allows connecting a multi-fiber optical bundle to the entrance slit of the spectrometer and acquiring spectra from several fibers simultaneously.

Maximum number of optical fibers in the bundle depends on the height of sensor area and on fiber diameter. When using standard sensors as large as 6 mm tall a number of simultaneously analyzed fibers may reach several dozens.

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