17 October 2014

Achromatic mirror condenser PS-4

If you need the optics to correctly input light into your monochromator or spectrometer this accessory is the right choice for you.

The PS-4 condenser is intended to match the light source and monochromator; it projects the image of the source's luminous body on the entrance slit of spectral device. PS-4 features height adjustment of the optical axis, wide angular coverage, and, due to reflective optics it has no chromatic aberration.

By adjusting front and back focal distance you can change magnification and output aperture ratio of the system.

  • Spectral range: 190 nm – 2000 nm
  • Light collection angle: 14 degr.
  • Aperture ratio: f/3.1
  • Front/back flange focal distance: 15 mm –75 mm (from the PS-4 housing)
  • Magnification 0.75X -1.3X
  • Linear field of view in the object space: 12 mm
  • Height of optical axis: adjustable 65mm – 160 mm
  • Dimensions, weight: 130x130x280 mm, 2.15 kg

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Shipments in Russia are made through the company's own sales office.

Delivery before the end of 2014 is possible!

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