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Wide-Range Infrared Wavelength Meter
Wide-Range Infrared Wavelength Meter SHR-IR

The SHR-IR spectrometer is an ideal instrument for measuring absolute wavelength value of pulse and CW lasers and diodes in the spectral range from 600nm to 1800nm with accuracy better than ± 15pm, as well as detecting FWHM of the analyzed line.

  • Spectral range from 600nm to 1800nm.
  • Accuracy better than ± 15pm.
  • Spectrum & FWHM analysis.
  • Compact design; no moving components.
  • Optical fiber input; diffuse attenuator.
  • Ideal for measuring wavelength of pulsed and CW lasers.

Apart from wavelength measuring the SHR-IR provides demonstration of analysed spectra with resolution of 4 000 (λ/Δλ, FWHM) which constitutes from 0.15nm for 600nm to 0.5nm for 1800nm. The SHR-IR also ensures on-line monitoring of the above values in the process of tuning the analysed wavelength.

The instrument does not contain any moving elements; powering and control are performed from a computer via the Full-Speed USB interface. Analysed light is steered to the entrance slit either via a multimode optical fiber with a diffuse attenuator (included in the delivery set) or directly, without any fibers.

In respect of resolution and wavelength measuring precision the SHR-NIR is an alternative to a monochromator-spectrograph with focal length not less than 500mm, equipped with an appropriate IR-detector.

But unlike the monochromator, the SHR-NIR has no moving elements and provides real-time measurements without scanning. The SHR-IR is rigid, stable and accurate, ensures absolute reliability and has more reasonable price.

The SHR-NIR spectrometer is indispensable in the process of adjustment, alignment and testing of laser systems operating in the near IR spectrum range.

Wide-Range infrared wavelength meter model SHR-IR

Option Value
Operation mode CW and pulsed light (externally triggered)
Spectral range, nm 600-1800
Accuracy of wavelength detection, nm ± 0.015
Resolution (l/DlFWHM) 4 000 (ΔλFWHM from 0.15nm for 600nm to 0.48nm for 1800nm)
Source linewidth requirements, not more than ≤125 cm-1 (from 4nm for 600nm to 40nm for 1800nm)
Optical interface
  • Quartz optical fiber dia. 400mm, 1m length,
    SMA-905 connector
  • Diffuse attenuator FA-3 with SMA-905 connector
Computer interface Full Speed USB interface
Requirements to external trigger pulse (for pulsed lasers)
— polarity Positive
— amplitude, V 3-15
— pulse duration FWHM, μs 5-20
— rise time, μs ~10
— connector BNC-58
Software WLMeter
Dimensions, mm 142 x 110 x 80
Weight, kg 1.2

Optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Idler wave. Real-time measurements at tuning laser wavelength.

Optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Idler wave. Real-time measurements at tuning laser wavelength.



1725-1750nm laser diode spectrum acquired with the SHR-IR.

1725-1750nm laser diode spectrum acquired with the SHR-IR.



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