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Wide-Range Infrared Wavelength Meter

Model SHR-IR

Wide-Range Infrared Wavelength Meter SHR-IR

The SHR-IR spectrometer is an ideal instrument for measuring absolute wavelength value of pulse and CW lasers and diodes in the spectral range from 600nm to 1800nm with accuracy better than ± 15pm, as well as detecting FWHM of the analyzed line.

  • Spectral range from 600nm to 1800nm.
  • Accuracy better than ± 15pm.
  • Spectrum & FWHM analysis.
  • Compact design; no moving components.
  • Optical fiber input; diffuse attenuator.
  • Ideal for measuring wavelength of pulsed and CW lasers.


Apart from wavelength measuring the SHR-IR provides demonstration of analysed spectra with resolution of 4 000 (λ/Δλ, FWHM) which constitutes from 0.15nm for 600nm to 0.5nm for 1800nm. The SHR-IR also ensures on-line monitoring of the above values in the process of tuning the analysed wavelength.

The instrument does not contain any moving elements; powering and control are performed from a computer via the Full-Speed USB interface. Analysed light is steered to the entrance slit either via a multimode optical fiber with a diffuse attenuator (included in the delivery set) or directly, without any fibers.

In respect of resolution and wavelength measuring precision the SHR-NIR is an alternative to a monochromator-spectrograph with focal length not less than 500mm, equipped with an appropriate IR-detector.

But unlike the monochromator, the SHR-NIR has no moving elements and provides real-time measurements without scanning. The SHR-IR is rigid, stable and accurate, ensures absolute reliability and has more reasonable price.

The SHR-NIR spectrometer is indispensable in the process of adjustment, alignment and testing of laser systems operating in the near IR spectrum range.

Option Value
Operation mode CW and pulsed light (externally triggered)
Spectral range, nm 600-1800
Accuracy of wavelength detection, nm ± 0.015
Resolution (l/DlFWHM) 4 000 (ΔλFWHM from 0.15nm for 600nm to 0.48nm for 1800nm)
Source linewidth requirements, not more than ≤125 cm-1 (from 4nm for 600nm to 40nm for 1800nm)
Optical interface
  • Quartz optical fiber dia. 400mm, 1m length,
    SMA-905 connector
  • Diffuse attenuator FA-3 with SMA-905 connector
Computer interface Full Speed USB interface
Requirements to external trigger pulse (for pulsed lasers)
— polarity Positive
— amplitude, V 3-15
— pulse duration FWHM, μs 5-20
— rise time, μs ~10
— connector BNC-58
Software WLMeter
Dimensions, mm 142 x 110 x 80
Weight, kg 1.2
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