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Spectroscopic software SolarLS.LAB
Spectroscopic software SolarLS.LAB SolarLS

SolarLS.LAB allows multiple device and detector connection to PC and quick inter-switching. High level of automation enables fast spectra recording and data extraction. Spectra can be saved or exported to CSV, BMP or PNG files for further processing.

SolarLS.LAB is a modern software for automated control of monochromators & spectrographs produced by Solar LS and for operation with spectroscopic data.


SolarLS.LAB software provides the following functionality for operation with Solar LS devices:

  • Automated control over all monochromator units
  • Detector and acquisition control
  • Panoramic spectra registration
  • Spectra processing, editing and saving
  • Create, store and edit the wavelength calibrations
  • Full control over in/out triggering with your source
  • Operation with intensity corrected spectrometers
  • Colorimetry
  • PMT operation
Download the demo

Download the demo-version here.

The archive includes several stored spectra and the test config for the M833 monochromator.

Download SolarLS.LAB User’s Manual.

Main features

SolarLS.LAB working interface consists of several control windows, configuration windows and status bars. A standard SolarLS.LAB interface includes the following:

  • Main panel.
  • Data panel – recorded spectra are stored and selected within this panel.
  • Current Spectra panel – recorded spectra are displayed within this panel.
  • Camera Settings Panel – camera and registration parameters are configured within this panel.
  • Panel Instrument– monochromator units and mechanisms are controlled within this panel.
  • Status bar.
Monochromator control

Instrument panel serves for the control of all units in your monochromator: wavelength tuning, changing the gratings, order sorting filter selection, control over entrance and exit slits, switching between input/output ports, shutter control, etc.

Acquisition control

Camera panel serves for the acquisition settings: exposure time, in/out triggering, background subtraction, etc.

Scanning and panoramic acquisition

Within SolarLS.LAB software, you can use your monochromator in scanning mode or record panoramic spectra.

Intensity calibration

When you order the spectrometer with intensity calibration option, the SolarLS.LAB software will contain a table with calibration coefficients, required for producing the spectral radiance plots. If required, you can create your own calibration table.


The Colorimetry panel contains the results for chromacity coordinates, correlated color temperature, CRI and CIE CAM02 indexes calculated for the active selected spectrum. The standard observer may (2° or 10°) may be selected in the dropdown-box Observer. The dropdown-box Color Space allows selecting of the active Color space (CIE 1931, CIE 1960 or CIE 1976).

The panel plots the active color space, the black body curve, several reference standard illuminative sources (C, D50, D65) and the Source point, that relates to the measured light source.

It is convenient to use the integrated calculator of color coordinates. The columns xyY will hold the coordinates, calculated for the active spectrum in Color panel (x,y,z). Click on the xyY button to calculate the normalized color coordinates in other color spaces.

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