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Optical Slits
Optical Slits Accessories



CROSSED ENTRANCE SLIT SXM-1 (adjustable pinhole)


Crossed entrance slit sxm-1 (adjustable pinhole) Micrometer-driven with opening width adjustable from 7μm to 2000μm (diagonal of the square aperture) or from 5μm to 1414μm (side of the square aperture).

  • Microscrew reading accuracy: +/- 1μm
  • Step: 0.125μm.



NON-MAGNETIC CROSSED SLIT SXM-2 (non-magnetic adjustable pinhole)


Non-magnetic crossed slit sxm-2 (non-magnetic adjustable pinhole) The slit is made of non-magnetic materials; other features are the same as for the SXM-1model.


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