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Mirror condensers
Mirror condensers TR

The TR series achromatic aspherical mirror condensers are multifunctional units that can be used:

— to focus a point light source on the entrance slit of the excitation monochromator,

— to focus the exciting light on the sample,

— to collect light from the sample and focus it onto the emission monochromator,

— to couple the emission monochromator with large area detectors.




The use of aberration-free aspherical reflective optics allows you to optimize the luminosity of your system in the widest spectral range. TR condensers completely eliminate the losses typical for lens and fiber systems.


  • Coating Al + MgF2 (other coating available upon request)
  • Spectral range 190-5000 nm
  • Front focal distance – 46 mm
  • Back focal distance – 61 mm


Mirror condensers TR

An example of a modular fluorescent system made by using the customer’s equipment
(light source, old monochromator MDR-23 for excitation, cryostat) and units produced by SOLAR LS
(toroidal condensers, monochromator-spectrograph M266 for emission, array detector).

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