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Modular fluorescence system
Modular fluorescence system FLUO

FLUO is a modular spectrofluorometer for excitation and detection of fluorescence.

FLUO includes a xenon light source, excitation monochromator, sample chamber and emission monochromator/monochromators, as well as additional interface optics and detectors. All FLUO elements and modules are fully automated, the system is fully controlled in SOLARLS.LAB software.

FLUO is designed as a modular device: A continuous xenon light source illuminates the entrance slit of a excitation monochromator which selects the output wavelength range. The output radiation is directed onto the sample by means of reflective optics, exciting fluorescence. Fluorescence radiation is sent to the second (or third monochromator), which selects a range of wavelengths and sends them to the detector. The signal from the detector is transmitted to the system controller and host computer, where the data can be processed by special software.

Unit Base model* Advanced model*
Light source Laser pumped plasma broadband light source XWS-65 Laser pumped plasma broadband light source XWS-65
Excitation monochromator Monochromator M150 Monochromator Double M266
Sample chamber FLUO-1
1 excitation channel, 1 emission channel
1 excitation channel, 2 emission channels
Emission monochromator Monochromator M266 for 200-1100 nm spectral range 1st channel:
Monochromator model М266, for 200-1100 nm spectral range2nd channel:
Monochromator model М266, for 300-1700 nm spectral rangeAlso available:
High-sensitivity photomultiplier tubes for VIS-NIR range


* Contact SOLAR LS representative to select the best configuration for you.


Light source — Laser pumped plasma broadband light source XWS-65; spectral range 180-2500 nm, emitting body source dimensions 250 * 400 μm, output aperture 24 mm, temporal and spatial stability 0.25% (rms), spectral brightness 34 mW/(mm2×sr×nm) in the range 450-500 nm, lamp lifetime 10.000 hours

— Achromatic anastigmatic entrance port to match the apertures of a light source and a monochromator

Excitation monochromator M150 or M266, single or doubleExcitation range 190-2000 nm
Sample chamber The sample chamber achromatic optics, the standard cuvette holder (cuvette is not included in the delivery set) and the holder for solid samples, the ability to manually install polarizers and order separation filters. The camera contains one excitation channel, two emission channels, and has a side port to deliver excitation from an external laser source. You can install the cryostat or other large-format accessories in the sample chamber.
Emission monochromator M150 or M266 or M522, single or doubleDetection range depends on the selected detectors
Spectral bandwidth 0-30 nm (for a single excitation  M150)
Spectral resolution, nm Depends on the selected monochromator
Scanning speed Depends on the selected monochromator
Signal to noise ratio Raman water signal up to 5000:1 (excitation wavelength 350 nm, emission peak at 397 nm, bandwidth 5 nm, exposure time 1s, FSD method, H11890-210 detector)
Software SolarLS.LAB



As an example, we present the overall dimensions of the FLUO fluorometric system based on the M266 double monochromator for excitation, the M266 double spectrograph for the first emission channel, and the M522 spectrograph for the second emission channel.

FLUO Dimensions



Selection of single-element, linear and matrix image sensors for installation on the output port of the monochromator for the registration channel


CCDs for the VIS spectral range 200-1100nm


Detector model Description
S7030-1006 Hamamatsu

With detector adapter

Spectral range 200-1100nm, 1024×64 pixels, pixel pitch 24*24 μm, non-cooled, ADC 16-bit, exposure times 8,2ms-2s
Andor iDus 401 CCD
With detector adapter
DV401A-BVF 1024×127 pixels, 26 μm, BV,100kHz,-70°C
Andor Newton 920 CCD
With detector adapter
DU920P-BEX2-DD, 1024×256 pixels,26 μm,DD 2xAR EX2,3MHz,-100°C
Andor iStar 320 ICCD
With detector adapter
DH320T-18U-73, 1024×255 pixels,26 μm, optical gating <2ns, image intensifier size 18mm, G3 VIH,P43


IR CCDs for 900-1650nm and 900-2550nm


Detector model Description
G9204-512DA Hamamatsu
With detector adapter
Spectral range 900-1650nm, 512 pixels, pixel pitch 25*500, non-cooled, ADC 16-bit, exposure times 0,012ms-2s
G11478-256WB Hamamatsu
With detector adapter
Spectral range 900-2550nm, 256 pixels, ≤13 defective pixels, pixel pitch 50*250, Peltier cooling down to -20 °C, ADC 16-bit, exposure times 0,008ms-3,5ms
Andor iDus 490A-1.7
With detector adapter
InGaAs DU490A-1.7 512×1.25×500 μm,1.7 μm,100kHz,-90°C


Non-cooled USB-PMTs for UV-Vis-NIR


PMT model H11890-110 H11890-210 H11890-01
Spectral Response Range, nm 230-700 nm 230-700 nm 230-870 nm
Effective Area, mm Ø 8
Peak Sensitivity Wavelength, nm 400 nm
Counter Gate Time, ms 1-10000
Interface USB
Count Sensitivity, s-1*pW-1 300 nm 3.7х105 3.9х105 2.7х105
400 nm 4.9х105 6.1х105 3,6х105
500 nm 3.7х105 4.6х105 2.8х105
600 nm 1.1х105 1.3х105 2.0х105
700 nm 7.7х105 9.1х105 1.2х105
800 nm 3.0х104


Sensitive photomultiplier tubes for VIS-NIR range with liquid nitrogen cooling


PMT module model R5509-73 (Hamamatsu) H12694-75 (Hamamatsu)
Spectral range 300-1700 nm 950-1700 nm
Photocathode material InP/InGaAs InP/InGaAs
Effective area, mm 3*8 1.6
Operating temperature, °С — 80 -60
Gain 1*106 1*106
Rise time, ns 3 0.9


HgCdTe detectors manufactured by Infrared Associates with liquid nitrogen cooling are also available for detection up to 4.5 or 12 μm.

* Contact SOLAR LS representative to select the appropriate detectors for you.

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