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Compact IR-Spectrometer
Compact IR-Spectrometer S90-IR

The compact high-sensitivity spectrometer S90-IR contains a non-cooled linear InGaAs image sensor, and is recommended for any spectroscopic applications in the NIR spectrum range such as fluorescence, reflection, transmittance, photometric measurements and other researches that do not require long-time signal storage.

  • Non-cooled InGaAs detector
  • Compact monolithic case ensures stability of parameters
  • Diffraction grating, spectral range and resolution are chosen at the time of order placing
  • User-friendly interface compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10



The high-aperture optical scheme of the S90-IR has no moving parts. The S90-IR case is monolithic and ensures long-time stability of parameters.


The S90-IR spectrometer is easy and convenient to use: it is calibrated by the manufacturer, is controlled and powered from the PC via Full-Speed USB interface. Light input with the use of quartz optical fiber provides flexibility of instrumentation arrangement. The spectrometer has the entrance slit of fixed width and may be used without optical fiber.


Spectral curve of sensitivity of the InGaAs linear image sensor, G9204-512D model

Spectral curve of sensitivity of the InGaAs linear image sensor, G9204-512D model

Overall dimensions of the S90-IR spectrometer

Spectral range, nm 780 – 1700
Focal length, mm 87.7
F/number 1 : 7.7
Entrance slit, mm 0.020 × 3
Spectral resolution depends on selected diffraction grating (see table below)
Detector model G9204-512D
Number of pixels 512
Pixel size, μm 25 × 500
Active area size, mm 12.8 × 0.5
Maximum spectral sensitivity , nm 1550
Non-uniformity of sensitivity 1), 4) ± 5 %
Anti-blooming 2) Yes
ADC Resolution 16bit, 125 kHz
Mean-square reading noise, ADC counts 4) < 6
Dynamic range ~ 12000 : 1
Exposure time 8.2 ms – 0.7 s 3), 4)
Frame processing time, ms 4.1
Thermoelectric cooling No
Operating temperature 10 – 30 °С
Computer interface Full Speed USB
Triggering internal / external
Requirements to external trigger pulse BNC-58 connector, positive polarity, 3-15 VDC amplitude, 5-20 μs pulse duration FWHM
Parameters of the S90-IR trigger pulses positive polarity, 4-5 VDC amplitude, 10 μs pulse duration FWHM
Optical input — direct input through the S90-IR entrance slit
— Optical Fiber : 0.6 mm diameter, 1m length, SMA-905 connector
Dimensions, mm 142 × 110 × 80
Weight, kg 1.2


1) Signal level — 50% of saturation. Exposure time is 10 ms.

2) Anti-blooming – sensor’s feature eliminating overflow of charges from over-exposed pixels to neighboring ones.

3) Maximum exposure time is deemed to be the time at which dark signal makes up 25% of the dynamic range at the ambient temperature +25°C.

4) The detector provides two operation modes: wide dynamic range or high sensitivity. Parameters indicated in the table are for the wide dynamic range mode.


Recommendations for choosing a diffraction grating

When placing an order, you should choose the number of grating lines (i.e. spectral resolution of your instrument), as well as the spectral range for operation. For your convenience the table below contains average values of grating dispersion, spectral resolution and simultaneous recording interval of the CCD-detector.


Diffraction gratings, lines/mm 150 200 300 400 600
— spectral range of InGaAs detector sensitivity, nm 780 — 1700 nm
— multichannel array bandpass (average), nm 954 710 464 320 210
— reciprocal linear dispersion (average), nm/mm 74.5 55.5 36.3 26.5 16.6
— spectral resolution (average), nm 4.6 3.4 2.3 1.7 1.0


EXAMPLE: If you are interested in the grating 200 lines/mm (average spectral resolution 3.4nm), it remains to choose a location of simultaneous recording interval 710nm within the possible spectral range of 780-1700nm, for instance, the S90-IR spectrometer operating in the range 990-1700nm with 3.4nm resolution.


Upon Your request, the S90-IR spectrometer can be equipped with high-order separating compound filter designed for operation with broadband spectra.

The S90-IR spectrometer can be supplied with VUV or FWF optical fibers with various lengths.

The S90-IR spectrometer has a wide range of options and accessories that allow efficient collection of light from the sample located at a finite distance and in infinity:

• Condenser PS-2  is designed for collecting light from a sample located at 40 mm distance within a wide spectral range and its effective transmission into an optical fiber or onto an entrance slit of a spectral device.

• Condenser PS-3 is designed for collecting light from a sample located at 29 mm distance within a wide aperture angle and its further transmission into an optical fiber or onto an entrance slit of a spectral device.

• Adapter FA-1 – achromatic adapter for focusing parallel beam to a fiber with 3D-alignment.

• Adapter FA-2 – achromatic adapter for focusing parallel beam to a fiber with an axial alignment.

• Cassegrain objectives allow collecting light from objects located at a distance of 3.5m to infinity.

• Diffuse attenuator FA-3 is designed to attenuate the laser beam while delivering it to a fiber.

The S90-IR spectrometer can be supplied with a cuvette holder FA-10 and with fiber-optics immersion probes DipProbes with a set of interchangeable tips for liquid handling.

Contact a SOLAR LS specialist to select the complete set of the device that meets the requirement of your instrument complex in the best way.

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