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PX100 series

Picosecond Lasers
 Picosecond Lasers PX100 series

SOLAR LS presents a new family of high-power DPSS lasers generating laser pulses of 10 ps duration – the PX100 series. High peak and average power as well as excellent long-term radiation stability of these lasers make them an ideal tool for a wide variety of applications, from life sciences to materials processing.

  • Diode-pumped solid-state design
  • Hermetically sealed laser head
  • Air cooled
  • Turn-key operation
  • Low maintenance costs


PX100 series


The PX100 series lasers have an original optical scheme with longitudinal end-pumping and use the advanced SESAM® technology for obtaining the mode-locked regime. These solutions ensure superior TEM00 beam quality and unprecedentedly short warm-up time.

The lasers of PX100 series can be easily integrated into any specialized equipment or complex measurement systems due to compact footprint, air cooling, built-in power meter module and full RS232/Ethernet interface for PC control. The lasers were developed specially for robust, low-maintenance operation. The cavity and nonlinear crystals of the PX100 series lasers are placed into a sealed rigid housing, thus ensuring reliable 24/7 operation.

In the standard configuration the PX110 laser is supplied with the IR output. However, upon your request it can be supplemented with harmonic generators providing high-efficiency radiation conversion into the VIS and UV region thus expanding the laser’s capabilities for solving tasks in the field of nonlinear optics and laser spectroscopy.



Model PX110
Output power, W
at 1064 nm
at 532 nm
≥ 6
≥ 2.4
Pulse repetition rate, MHz 80 ± 5
Pulsewidth, ps 1) 10 ± 3
Beam quality TEM00; M2 < 1.5
Beam diameter, mm 1 ± 0.1
Cooling Air-Water
Electrical service 100…240 V, 50/60 Hz, ≤ 600 W
Dimensions, mm:
Laser Head (LxWxH)
Power Supply (HxWxD)
384 х 183 х 124
410 x 420 x 170

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
1) With external SHG.

The PX110 laser head outline drawing.


The PX110 laser power supply outline drawing.

  • VIS and UV harmonic generators
  • Tuneable SОРО module
  • External attenuator
  • Frequency divider


Picosecond Laser System with VIS/UV Harmonic Generators

Picosecond Laser System with VIS/UV Harmonic Generators.

  • Time resolved spectroscopy
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy
  • OPO pumping
  • Remote laser sensing
  • Laser cutting/ablation
  • LIDAR and ranging
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