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Laser power attenuators
Laser power attenuators LA

SOLARLS designs and manufactures a new type of laser power attenuator. From today you may get motorized laser power attenuators for CW, Qsw, and ultrafast lasers.

Motorized laser power attenuator model LA could be produced for use in the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges from 250 nm to 2000 nm. These devices feature a clear aperture up to 18mm that is dedicated for considerable beam application.

All optical elements of laser power attenuator model LA are made for high LIDT and provide a stable and reliable performance.

  • Damage threshold up to 10 J/cm2 (10 ns @ 1064 nm)
  • Adjustable polarizer angle ±2 deg
  • Clear aperture 18 mm
Laser power attenuator LA
1064nm / 1030nm 532nm / 515nm 355nm / 343nm 266nm / 257nm
Clear aperture Ø 18 mm
Max. laser beam diameter Ø 15 mm
Divergence 2 mrad
Optical design λ/2 ZO Waveplate + High contrast brewster type thin film polarizer
Attenuation range 0.1..98% 0.1..98% 0.2..96% 0.5..95%
LIDT >10 J/cm2 >5 J/cm2 >3 J/cm2 >2 J/cm2
Close to open time <0.2s
Contrast 1:1000 1:1000 1:500 1:200
Input voltage DC 12V
Control Software
Mounting holes М4
  • Researches;
  • Laser processing machines;
  • Micromachining and nanostructuring
  • Additive technologies
  • Multiphoton polymerization
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