solar laser systems solar laser systems

Laser power attenuators

Modular fluorescence system

High Power kHz DPSS Lasers JX500 series

Spectroscopic software SolarLS.LAB

SC82 Miniature Spectrometer

Automated monochromator-spectrograph M522

Double monochromator-spectrograph based on the M266

Light Collecting & Fiber Coupling Systems

Aperture Matching Systems

Mirror condensers TR

Optical Slits

Optical fibers

Spectral Line Observer

Accessories for liquid handling

Программное обеспечение для контроля цветности

Аппарат для криотерапии и охлаждения кожи CRYO-6



Фракционный СО₂ лазер Evomatrix

Многофункциональная косметологическая станция Evoline

Customised Laser Systems

Narrow Linewidth Ti:Sapphire Laser Model LX329

Optical parametric oscillators LP600 series

Harmonic generator model FH120, FH130, FH140

Harmonic generator for femtosecond lasers

Picosecond Lasers PX100 series

Picosecond Tuneable OPO Model PXT100

High-Power Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers Model LQ929

TEMoo High-Power Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers Model LQ830

100 Hz Nd:YAG Laser Model LQ629

Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers Model LQ529

High Pulse Energy Air-cooled DPSS Nd:YAG Laser Model QX500

Dual-Pulse Compact Nd:YAG Laser Model LQ215-D

Compact Nd:YAG Laser Model LQ215

Compact Air-Cooled Nd:YAG Laser Model LQ115

Compact Air-cooled kHz DPSS Lasers JX300 series

Powerful light sources XWS-M150 and XWS-M266, tunable in 190-2500nm range

ArcTune — powerful lightsource, tunable from 250 to 2500 nm

Ultracompact Q-Switched Microchip Lasers QC series

High-Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer Model SC125