SOLAR Laser Systems is one of the oldest private high-tech companies in the former Soviet Union. Solar LS has been working in the laser equipment market for more than 20 years and specialises in scientific research, development and manufacturing of solid-state laser systems and equipment for spectral analysis for industrial, medical and scientific applications.

At present the company comprises scientific research laboratories, design department, mechanical and assembly production, optical department, adjustment and service maintenance group. Therefore, we realise the complete cycle of works on creating laser and spectral analytical systems - from research and development to supply of ready products.

All services and departments of the company are located in a modern purpose-built 2200m2 building (finished in 2003).

Vast work experience in the international market allowed the company to integrate into the world production system and provide quality and service of the products meeting the world standards. A highest quality of products and services offered by Solar LS is confirmed by introduction of Quality Management System which was certified as compliant with ISO 9001 in 2004 and with ISO 13485 in 2011.

SOLAR Laser Systems employs highly skilled scientists with academic degrees and engineers having wide experience in developing medical, technological and specific optoelectronic systems. In 2011 our staff comprised 95 employees. In order to create really advanced products, Solar LS not only invests part of its profit into own applied scientific research but also maintains and develops wide scientific cooperation with leading research and scientific centres both of the former Soviet Union.

More than 3 000 users from 22 countries successfully operate the products developed and produced by SOLAR Laser Systems. A highest research and production potential of SOLAR Laser Systems, coooperation with scientific and research centres all over the world allows our company to create state-of-the-art high-end technological products for nanotechnologies, medicine, aerospace industry and advanced scientific research.